Welcome to our blog, my name is Seppo. I am a technical engineer by profession and currently teaching electricity in the vocational school in the last 4 years. I am also a licensed broker and entrepreneur. This site wishes to help you understand the life and culture of Finland and we try to show you what the daily life means living in the Nordic country.

Hi, I’m Marie.

Welcome to our blog, my name is Marie. I am passionate with a lot of things in life. I blog and write about random topics I encountered daily and my new found life halfway around the world. I am a language and skills coach and entrepreneur for many years back in the Philippines before moving to Finland. I also write language books to help students acquire the target language they study. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology, a masters degree in Public administration and currently working on to becoming a child instructor in Finland. I speak Filipino, English, Bisaya, Karay-a and my Finnish level is B2. Off from study and work, I spend time crafting, farming or beekeeping in our small farm away from the city.