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This site offers helpful tips, insights, lessons and useful information about Finland and the Philippines. The author writes from personal experiences, observations and actual interaction with Finnish and Filipinos. If you are travelling to these countries, hopefully you will find this site useful in one way or another.

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How to Convert my local Drivers License to Finnish Drivers License?

In Finland, you can get your driver’s license converted to Finnish license in just few easy steps. This can be done when you are already in Finland. For people who wish to stay in Finland either for work, migration, studies or long training, it is helpful if you can drive around. Although buses and metros…

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The Poisonous Yew and its Red Berries

What is a Yew Shrub? Taxus is a genus of coniferous trees of the family Taxaceae which are slow-growing shrub reaching a height of around 2.5-20 meters.. They are relatively slow-growing and can be very long-lived, and reach heights of 2.5–20 m (8.2–65.6 ft), with trunk girth averaging 5 m (16 ft). native to most of Europe, from southern Scandinavia to…

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People blog for many reasons, some make it a serious thing and some don’t. For many people, blogging is a therapy wherein they express freely their emotions through writing- creative, poetic, business-like or academic. Other freestyle bloggers blog for collecting memories, or simply for the love of writing. Some people make blogging a serious thing…

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I bet you are also looking ways to become successful in whatever field you are in, so that’s why you are reading this. We share a common goal for it. These days I’ve been switching work and personal agenda from time to time. Yesterday I thought that I needed some inspiration to move forward as…

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Pathway to Finland for Students

Pathway to Finland as a Student contains useful information for students wishing to enter the country. I’ve been asked many times mostly by people intending to study in Finland. I guess this link can provide further information that is accessible online. I would advise to get in touch with a legal company to avoid being…

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Finland Winter 2021

Once again winter is coming this year. This would be my 3rd winter and to be honest, I feel like time is flying because seasons change so fast and when it does, you know its obviously a step closer to another year unlike when I am in the Philippine where the days seem longer and…

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