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This site offers helpful tips, insights, lessons and useful information about Finland and the Philippines. The author writes from personal experiences, observations and actual interaction with Finnish and Filipinos. If you are travelling to these countries, hopefully you will find this site useful in one way or another.

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The Finnish Sauna

Going to Sauna 2-3 times a week is a very common practice among Finns. Majority of the households in Finland have Saunas at home or across the yard. Similarly, cottages or better known as Summer Houses have saunas too. Having said this, sauna is a normal part of each Finn’s weekly routine. Over 3 million…

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If you are thinking of changing you career, there are plenty of reasons why online coaching is the best option. The following ideas might help you get started with your new path to walk on. Online coaching is in demand right now. The recent changes in the education system across the world had lead more…

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The Benefits of Learning English for Communication

We have been talking about Online business, E-learning, Blogging and Digital Marketing in the past but what is common to all of this topics? Yes- as the topic suggest, its for effective communication. When you want to project an image online as a marketer, business entity, influencer, interviewer, applicant or seller, you need to have…

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Red Currant

This red berry is called Red Currant – a common sight to see in the yards more than the wilderness. It is a member of the genus Ribes in the gooseberry family, native in Europe. In Finland, this bush is not much of an appeal than the wild blueberries however this shiny red berries make…

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The Filipino Alphabet

Let’s begin with the Filipino or Tagalog Alphabet. It is important that you know how to pronounce the alphabets correctly.

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What is Hygiene Passport in Finland

Hygieni Passi or better known as Hygiene Passport is a pass that proves a person’s food hygiene proficiency. It is some sort of a license but not mandatory for all, only acquired by anyone wishing to have such, regardless if they intend to work or are currently working with food or perishable products. Who can…

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