How to Speak Tagalog: The Use of Verbs in the Past, Present & Future Tenses

Module 1 Welcome To This Course
Lesson 1 Course Introduction
Module 2 The Basics of Filipino or Tagalog sentences and Questions
Lesson 1 Video Lecture: The Basic Tagalog Sentence and Question
Module 3 The UM Verbs
Lesson 1 Chapter 2: Video Lecture: The UM Verbs
Module 4 The NA/MA Verbs
Lesson 1 Chapter 3: Introduction to Na / Ma Verbs
Lesson 2 Video Lecture: The Na/Ma Verbs
Module 5 The NAG/ MAG Verbs
Lesson 1 Introduction to the NAG/MAG Verbs
Lesson 2 Video Lecture: The NAG/MAG Verbs
Module 6 The IN Verbs
Lesson 1 Introduction: The IN Verbs
Lesson 2 Video Lecture: The IN Verbs
Module 7 Course Assessment : Small Talk
Lesson 1 Course Assessment: Small Talk