Cruising From Turku to Sweden

Cruising with Viking Line from Turku to Sweden offers a delightful experience. Departure from Turku via Viking Line operates from the picturesque city of Turku, Finland. The departure time for the cruise may vary depending on the season and schedule. It is recommended to check the Viking Line website or contact their customer service for the most accurate information.

Make sure to arrive at the Turku passenger terminal with ample time before the designated departure time. Complete the check-in process, including ticket verification and any necessary immigration procedures. Once checked-in, you will board the cruise ship.

Viking Line provides a range of facilities to make your journey enjoyable. These may include various restaurants and cafes offering delicious meals, bars serving refreshing beverages, shopping opportunities, entertainment venues, and relaxing lounges. Take your time to explore and make the most of the onboard amenities. The approximate duration of the cruise from Turku to Sweden is around 10-12 hours, but it can vary depending on the specific route and weather conditions. During this time, you can enjoy the scenic views of the archipelago and the Baltic Sea. The arrival time in Sweden is typically in the morning or early afternoon, depending on the departure time from Turku. Once you reach the Swedish port, you can disembark and continue your journey with the transportation options available at the terminal.

What to do on board

The ship offers many things to do, normally people cruise to enjoy a relaxing time with families and friends through a small party. Others onboard the cruise ship are also spending time working away from the office. There are meeting rooms and conference rooms available on board for business purposes. Cruising also offers plenty food choices and variety of drinks that people can enjoy. Shopping is a must do because it is tax free. On board, there are also games for kids and entertainment for adults. There are dance halls, music bars, relaxing pool and sauna or if you are into gambling, you can also play bingo or slot machines.

One thing that you can also enjoy for free is to see the landscape and the islands where the ferry passes by. Bring along your camera if you are into photography as there are a lot of chances you can take nice photos of the islands.

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