Where to stay in Finland?

Summer is fast approaching and people are planning to travel locally and abroad. If you are foreign looking for a perfect place to to visit Finland, it helps to know which place are you visiting first. Finland is divided into several regional areas, each has something beautiful to offer to guests.

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Helsinki is the most popular being Finland’s capital city and the seat of the government. Helsinki houses the biggest museum in the country.

In the Varsinais-Suomi region 2 hour drive by bus from Helsinki you will end up in Turku City – Finland’s old capital city. You can find Turun Linna, the Mummi Land and the classic Church that played an important role in the lives of Finnish people in the old times. Naantali better known as the sunny city, is also the place where the summer house of the President of Finland is located. There are other interesting places you can visit in this region and Turku is the best place to stay overnight.

For a laidback atmosphere, places going towards the north is most popular especially in winter time. Lapland is by far the most popular being the home of Santa Claus. It offers a variety of snow activities for its guests.

North Karelia is a region in eastern Finland. It borders the regions of Kainuu, North Savo, South Savo and South Karelia, as well as Russia’s Republic of Karelia. It is the easternmost region of Finland and shares a 300 kilometres border with Russia. see here

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