Spring Time in Finland

From my experience, this year’s spring is a little bit colder than last. I remember the other two weeks ago, it was snowing hail even the sun was shining an hour before that. Anyhow, spring brings an ambiance of joy to see the plants growing so fast and flowers grow and bloom overnight. Because this time of the year, the day is longer than the nights, the plants when feeling hot begins to grow like crazy in my opinion. It is surprising and amazing to see how fast tree leaves could turn light to dark in a matter of days.

Two weeks ago, our flowers were still sprouting from its bulbs, and now they are budding and in a few days the flower will fully bloom. Time is fast for plants during this time, as if they are in a hurry to grow and enjoy the sunlight. To me it is amazing because I always get to see the trees and plants grow in months not days, because of this spring is magical and alive.

Last year, my spring collection of dry barn grass is still alive and looking good for my craft.

This is Finland, you can feel the cool breeze on your face and clean air passing through your nostrils. It is awaited time for many as it also marks that summer time is near and the getting a tan color is a dream of most.

In this season, many people go fishing in the lakes and seawaters. The river below is also a good place to fish and we happen to catch a few. Sorva and hauki are amongst the fish you can catch. There are other places to go fishing alone or with friends.

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