How to Convert my local Drivers License to Finnish Drivers License?

In Finland, you can get your driver’s license converted to Finnish license in just few easy steps. This can be done when you are already in Finland. For people who wish to stay in Finland either for work, migration, studies or long training, it is helpful if you can drive around. Although buses and metros are very easy and accessible to all, the freedom to go anywhere, anytime when driving your car is compared to none as metros and buses have their own fixed schedule. I have used the bus going around and its nice and l love it.

There are list of countries better known as “contracting states” that Finland considers transferring the foreign license into Finnish license without undergoing a driving license test. The contracting states list can be downloaded HERE. Make sure you find your country’s name in the list. Otherwise, another condition will apply.

Now for the part of transferring your license, if for example you are coming from the Philippines and you have been driving in the country, when you come to Finland, make sure that your driver’s license is not expired or about to expire. From the date of your arrival in Finland, you need to convert your license within j2 years ( mine was 1 year) if you want to avoid going to driving school and shed about 1500-2,000 Euros for it and some fees for medical test. Now, the following steps should be done.

  1. Make an appointment from the and ask for the requirements, they can tell you what you need to do. A little bit of information from you and then they can reserve a date when you need to come back with all the documents needed.
  2. Book a medical test with an appointed physician by the agency.
  3. Go back to TRAFICOM office on the day of your appointment with your valid ID or passport, 2 (2×2 size photos in white background), a properly filled up form from the office, your original drivers license card and take a queueing number from the office entrance. Wait for your turn to be called. Your medical information from your physician will be forwarded by email to TRAFICOM unless otherwise the physician advised you to take it along.
  4. When your name is called, hand over the documents and follow the instructions of the assisting personnel. Everything should be okay and fast ( based on my experience). They are going to tell you to wait for your converted license within 1-6 months. Yes, it could be shorter or longer, who knows exactly but at least you are waiting for something.

If you have more questions or information pertaining to obtaining a driver’s license in Finland, visit this official link.

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