People blog for many reasons, some make it a serious thing and some don’t.

For many people, blogging is a therapy wherein they express freely their emotions through writing- creative, poetic, business-like or academic. Other freestyle bloggers blog for collecting memories, or simply for the love of writing.

Some people make blogging a serious thing because they want to earn money from it while some do it to get higher SEO for the business they are blogging about, and more SEO means more audience and more prospect buyers.

There are instances when blogging becomes more like a commitment than a therapy, it depends what your purpose is and it’s important that you know, for when you do, you can do it better and you are happier.

Start on these questions and answer them to get a clear picture of your goals.

  • What is the purpose of your blog?
  • What do you want to express or talk about?
  • Who will read your blog?
  • What is the topic of your blog and its short description?
  • What platform are you going to use to use?

After contemplating from the questions above, it’s time to prepare for your portal design when you know which platform will host your blog. There are free and paid platforms, again depeding on what is your goal. Just remember, if your goal is to earn income from blogging, you need commitment, time and effort to write often and regularly, just like when you are pursuing the love of your life in the beginning. Your efforts will bear fruits in time, so keep going.

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My name is Marie, I am a sociologist by profession, teacher by experience and off from my work, I am a farmer, blogger and crafter. I do creative things for hobby. Off from work, you can see me fishing, farming, and exploring nature with my husband.

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