Finland Winter 2021

Once again winter is coming this year. This would be my 3rd winter and to be honest, I feel like time is flying because seasons change so fast and when it does, you know its obviously a step closer to another year unlike when I am in the Philippine where the days seem longer and so the coming of a new year probably because I don’t get to experience every few months a change in temperature and the environment around me. True as it is, summer in Finland is quick and plants grow in weeks, its amazing how the surroundings change so quickly.

Be still…as the shadow gallops over the snow covered land.


How cold is cold?

So far the coldest temperature I have experienced was -23 degrees and I could stand outside for only 3 minutes and my fingers start to get numb. Of course there are people walking around- a little less than normal but life goes on as it is, as Finnish people would say ” there is no bad weather, but bad clothes”. Babies are put to sleep outside a snowy day, and yes it is normal with the right clothes on!

What kind of clothes do Finnish people wear in winter?

Finland has a harsh climate with temperature changing dramatically from low to high and high to low on winter time, so its always good to wear proper clothes for the season. Winter could be windy too, and the wind makes it more cold than the actual temperature. ( I never knew this before). Speaking of which, when its windy, wind proof clothes are a MUST. Wind can make you feel cold regardless of how thick your clothes are, but with windproof clothes, you can wear a winter undies and warm clothes not necessarily thick but warm like wool for instance.

Winter accessories

If you dress up for fashion, there are lots of choices from various online shops that you can buy to match your style. However, if you dress for the comfort rather than fashion or both, then winter accessories are a good way to start. A good choice of beanie, scarf, winter shoes and boots, socks, and winter jackets are are must on a very cold day.

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