Wooden Boat Exhibition Finland 2022

Today we got a time to visit the quiet city of Uusikaupunki, an hour and a half drive by car from the city of Turku. This city is relaxing and interesting in my eyes due to the calmness and silence around. This small city has a much lesser population than Helsinki, Turku or Tampere which are considered the capital cities in Finland. It is an interesting place that offers a serene lake on the one side and a gentle sea water on the other side. Hence boating is a very popular activity among people here in summer.

The exhibition display wooden boats that you can imagine in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean for example. Different types of boats with different types of engines were present. We also happen to see an old diving metal diving suit demonstrated by a gentleman and on the other side presents various boat things and some antiques which I don’t know exactly how to describe but I place some photos below to kind of tickle your imagination.

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