What a Rabbit!

The rabbit is not always on the hole. On a bright shining day, they also love to play around like this rabbit I saw as we walk past our backyard. I’d say Ive never seen such a big rabbit like this in my entire life or at least from where I came from. The rabbits in the Philippines are quite small and sadly are meant to be eaten more so than being pets.

It’s amazing to see this jolly animal but they are quite hard to find. There are two types of rabbits in Finland the “janis” or better known as the “mountain hare” and “rusakko” also called the “brown hare”. The former is being brown and on winter time they change their colors into white depending on the amount of light the place they live is exposed to, adapting well into their environment. The latter on the other hand stays brown all the time and normally seen in the people’s yard. Both are hunted for their food except on the season when they have babies and the animal protection law of the country prohibits people from hunting this meek animals.

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