Fishing for Sorva Fish in The Lake

Fishing is a loved hobby by many people in Finland, locals and expats. It is a very interesting hobby here in Finland in my opinion because the chances of getting fish is good on a right weather. We have been lucky to live near the lake so fishing is a boredom killer for us ( especially me I’d say). The last time we went fishing, I was so excited to catch some but the sad news is that the fish I caught is edible yet not eaten by locals including my husband. As an Asian woman, we love eating fish and I mean to say just any kinds of fish that are edible and we cook it in a variety of ways too!

The fish I caught was called “sorva” in Finnish. You can check out my other post about this here if you want to read more. Anyway, sorva fish is a tasty fish to fry or cook in coconut milk. It is very easy to catch these fish by net or fishing rod. However fishing by rod is quite slow if you wish to catch more so I would advice that you use a fishing net if you plan to catch more. They tend to hide in the lake bushes but you can lure them into an open space by teasing them with food first.

Yup! I caught a Fish!

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