How to Travel By Bus from Turku to Helsinki

Today we are travelling by bus from Turku to Helsinki. The distance between two cities is about 160Km and the travel time is about 2 hours and 20 minutes as per the schedule in the ticket shown below.

I must say that this kind of trip I used to take in the Philippines takes about 5 hours perhapsdue to the speed limit. In Finland, the speed limit on the motorway is 120/ hour whereas in thePhilipines and many parts of Asia is about 60-100.

The bus terminal in Turku for long trips

How and where to buy your ticket

Tickets can be purchased online. The cost of ticket per person is 5€ that means your return ticket is 10€. Your ticket will look like this aftery our purchase and it’s telling you pretty much about everything you need to know.

Travelling Overseas

When you travel overseas and you don’t wanna use your car going to the airport, you can opt to leave your car at home or find a parking place somewhere near the bus station. Many passengers who are travelling overseas prefer to leave the car home like us too because we live in the suburb of Turku and travelling by bus seems to be the best option economically speaking. The bus have fixed schedules online that you can check. For local and short trips in Turku, you can check the bus schedule from FOLI, a website and a smart application you can download. Then,when you get to the city of Turku, you can walk from the local trip terminal called Puuturi to the other bus terminal forl onger trips like Helsinki. The bus takes you to the airport so you don’t need to walk or take a cab. Just make sure you check which bus number is going to the airport. It’s not complicated at all, and when you feel like asking, the Finns speak English pretty well so just go ahead.

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