Green Shield Moss or Bauxbaumia Viridis

This time of the year in Finland is perfect for nature hunting as the grounds become wet after being frozen for quite sometime. Plants and flowers bloom quite fast in Europe compared in Asia where there is no winter. Perhaps the difference in the climate makes these plants very adaptable upon the feel of the changing weather.

This spring, I am struck by a particular moss that I can see in my moments of walk in the forest. As I try to search online, it even got me more interested to know this moss is considered endangered. So I searched for it online and lead me to some interesting information such as its English name as the green shield-moss.

Green Shield Moss

According to my Wikipedia search, Green Shield Moss is a rare bryophyte found sporadically throughout the northern hemisphere which can be found singularly or in small groups on decaying wood, mostly in humid, sub-alpine to alpine Picea abiesAbies alba, or mixed tree forests. Since this is considered rare, efforts have been made to see its survival in places where it is found mostly in Europe, southwestern Asia, and Western North America.

Buxbaumia viridis is widely distributed across the northern hemisphere, although populations are scattered and individual plants are scarce.[1]B. viridis 

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