What is the Official Language of Finland?

Finnish is the official language of Finland spoken by the majority of the people while others speak Swedish which is also one of its official language although not many speak Swedish in the country.

Finnish is mandatory to learn if you wanna live and enjoy living in Finland being able to communicate with the people around. Although Finnish are good speakers of English, it is not commonly spoken by many in the workplace and other places. So the best choice for someone wishing to integrate in the country is to learn the language.


  1. For Integration

Finland offers good opportunity for those who can speak their language. Jobs are available however Finnish working language is mandatory because instructions, signs, symbols and important documents are written in Finnish with some exceptions of foreign companies in the country.

2. For Migration

Being able to speak and write in Finnish is mandatory to get a Finnish passport. So if you are planning to make Finland your home, you should start your Finnish language training as soon as you can. The good news is that, Finland offers a very good support for residents in the aim of helping them land a job.

3. Finnish as an additional language

Of course there are people who likes learning and acquiring different languages. Finnish may sound difficult but its not that hard to learn if you are committed. Mina opiskelen suomea myos! ( there’s no ruotsalainen o in my computer, anteeksi :). I will be posting some lessons I have learned in the next posts.

If you have other reasons to learn Finnish, your posts are welcome:). Sharing is caring!

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