Picking Sunflowers in the FieldS of Finland

Many Finland fields are planted with sunflowers, some of which are open to public for picking whereas some are kept private by the owners. These huge flowers bloom in August up until September making the fields bright and attractive to many people and if you are not from Finland, I’m sure you’ll be delighted as I am!

Today we are off to the beaten track where sunflowers bloom in the fields. Thanks to the owner of this field whoever he is for allowing us to pick some flowers. We passed by this field one day and there was a big sign in Finnish that its FREE TO PICK and so we did the second time we happen to pass by.

As they say, flowers make a woman smile, and smile is contagious so I think I made someone smile also hihi…

If sunflower picking is in your bucket list, read on to find some tips before you head out for your sunflower picking adventure.


  • Look out for the sign- its free to pick sunflowers. Few places in Salo and Lieto have signs we saw. In Helsinki there will be lots too.
  • Wear a pair of boots- the fields are muddy.
  • Wear comfy clothes and those you don’t mind getting dirty with mud- I wore black and so they stay spotless :).
  • Wear shades or sunglasses depending on the weather- You dont wanna be like me- you can show your happy face not a frowning face when you are picking and taking photos.
  • Bring a scissors or a sharp knife – the flowers might be too big for a normal flower to cut.
  • Look out for the sign- its free to pick
  • Park your car in a safe place – off the road is the best option.
  • Don’t step on the young flowers – if you don’t like them, at least not trample on them. They can grow beautiful.
  • Watch out for the bugs – clean the flowers before you hop in the car.

There you go. I hope your journey will bring you good joy and a smile in your face as it did to us.


  • You can use it fresh to decorate your home and garden. They are lovely and attractive and gives your home a kind of warmth.
  • You can dry them and use it as a decoration for your home – place it on a big flower vase.
  • You can also dry it and use for other craft for different purposes.
  • Some people use sunflower for their oil.

If you have anything in mind how to use sunflower, please share with me.

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