Finland’s wild deers are easy to spot around summer time up until fall,at least from what I have experienced.

I have always associated reindeers with Santa Claus when I was a kid and so the other kids in my hometown I believe. Little did I know that reindeers are different than wild deers so for the benefit of those who do not know, here we go.


Reindeers are domesticated animals mostly in the North of Finland and in other countries like Sweden, Alaska and Norway to name a few where these animals are herd for their meat and for domestic chores such as a sleigh ride on a cold snowy days, probably their skin as well must be of use.

Wild deers on the other hand roam freely in the wilderness of Finland forests and farms. These gentle animals are hard to see much more to get close to as they are so sensitive to sounds that they can flee the area in no time omce they hear a signal of threat.. Although gentle, they can be annoying especially if they eat your plants which you have worked on so hard the entire summer and disappear all in one night. (my vegetable garden was wiped and cut clean by the deers 😭). Anyhow, lesson learned for next summer.


  • They love eating apples
  • They marked their territory by peeling the trees.
  • They follow a certain path they all understand to trek.

On the last note, deer hunting is allowed in Finland for those who have the license to hunt only, as the hunting is regulated by the government.

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