Wild Mushroom Picking in Finland

Finland is an exciting place to wander in the forests for the following reasons:

  • Mushroom picking
  • Berry picking
  • Hunting
  • Wild animals sight seeing
  • A breath of fresh air

The best thing is, its free to pick up berries and mushrooms in any forests even if its owned by someone else and it is supported by the Finnish law which is detailed on the Finnish legislation- Every Man’s Right.


Mushroom picking is a common activity among Finnish people when its on season- just before Autumn when the rainy days start. They can grow very fast and can be easily found in most forests where there is enough moist for the fungi to thrive and grow. If you happen to find a good place where you see a lot of mushrooms, chances are, there are lots of it around and I can tell you that you can make your basket full in no time, so keep going.

However, if you happen to be walking around for quite a few minutes and there seem to be no mushrooms around, you should go somewhere else because its highly likely that the place where you are looking at is not a very friendly area for the fungi to flourish. A good piece of advice from the wise Finn.

some porcini, chanterelle and oyster mushrooms we picked

It is always good to remember that some mushrooms may be poisonous if not prepared properly before eating. Finns eat only a few kinds of mushrooms and porcini is among the best ones they love, now I do too! So if mushroom picking is one in your list of to do when in Finland, the best time of the year is now.

Young Porcini Mushroom

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