Asian Style Fish N’ Chips in Finland

Summer time is about to end in Finland and so today we decided to go fishing and got lucky to catch some fish particularly Sorva fish better known in Finland as Rudd ( scardinius erythrophthalmus). This fish is not very popular among Finns to eat. However, in the Philippines where I came from, we eat almost all the fish we can find except for a very few poisonous ones if my memory serves me well.

Rudd is a delicious fish to eat better prepared fried in oil until crispy. The crispiness is essential because the fish bones can be eaten as well together with the flesh. It is best paired with deep fried freshly harvested potatoes.

Fried Sorva/Rudd fish

This dish is a must try. My husband loves it even though he was skeptical to try it at first as Finns do not consider this type of fish eatable.

If you have any questions about this dish, leave us a comment or share your thoughts about this fish or dish.

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