Where is finland?

Finland is the parliamentary republic country in Northern Europe with neighboring countries of Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Russia. Its capital city is Helsinki.

The country is home to the most loved icon of Christmas – Santa Claus, the Aurora Borealis or better known by others as the Northern lights.

There are four seasons in Finland, the summer starts sometime in May until July followed by autumn in August to October and cold months start from November to February and comes spring from March to May.

The people are called Finns that comprise majority of the total population while other nationalities include people coming from neighboring countries of Estonia, Russia, Sweden and other far places in Asia like Thailand and the Philippines which has a growing number of population to date.

Finland lifestyle is in tune with nature where people’s activities are more into outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, trekking, cruising and gardening that is enjoyed by many Finns everyday.

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