my first winter in finland

I am Asian and with that, I am used to a tropical hot weather most of the months in a year.

I would say that iced water and iced sodas were my favorites on summer time and air condition was my bestfriend chilling at home at least for a couple of hours when I would feel like in heaven without sweating, I get to Finland where the temperature on winter time could get as low as -20 degrees centigrade! This was my first challenge. I felt my fingers were numb and my knees and my intestines were shaking. I wanted to go back to my country, but then my husband bought and taught me how to wear proper clothes on so I could enjoy the weather even when we are out.

There are three things I learned about winter time:

  • Snow is cold but wind blow is much colder.
  • Its not easy to walk in the snow when it is thick as it is heavy, likewise, it is slippery to walk when the snow starts to melt. It felt like learning baby steps walking on a melting snow.
  • Skiing is not as easy at it seems on television. My first try was a disaster but its worth the fun 🙂

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My name is Marie, I am a sociologist by profession, teacher by experience and off from my work, I am a farmer, blogger and crafter. I do creative things for hobby. Off from work, you can see me fishing, farming, and exploring nature with my husband.

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